Our Team

SpikySnail Games is an independent games development studio out of Israel. We are focused on creating top quality original gameplay experiences that are instantly fun and positively addictive. Our first title “The Splatters” was released on April 2012 on XBLA. “Super Splatters”, its super upgraded version, was released on June 2013 on Steam. PC, Mac and Linux.

Sagi & Niv 1989 - Age 13

Sagi & Niv 1989 – Age 13

SpikySnail was founded in 2010 by two childhood friends – Sagi Koren and Niv Fisher.



Niv Fisher

Game designer / programmer

My passion for computer generated graphics started early on by creating 3D short videos and animations. After a  year working for a game development company I pursued my studies of computer science and mathematics at the Tel-Aviv university.

During that time I got involved with a promising young start-up called Simbionix (www.simbionix.com), where I worked on several 3D real-time, physics based, surgical simulators. After 12 extremely fruitful and fulfilling years, and having ‘climbed through the ranks’ all the way to the company’s Chief Technology Officer, I found myself doing less and less programming (which I enjoy).

That was when the decision was made, and I jumped on the opportunity develop my own original video game with my long-time friend Sagi. Hopefully my passion will show through my work …


Sagi Koren

Game designer / art director / 3D animator / post production

I clearly remember when my father brought home our first computer – I was 7 years old. Whenever I had the chance, I sat in front of my new toy and “fed” my two new passions in life: playing games and creating computer graphics.

Since no one knew what Computer Graphics meant at the time, I had to discover all the cool features by myself (which is a fun way to learn new stuff as a kid). I started with programs like Animator (later on – Animator Pro) and 3D studio (the first version, for which we had to buy a special Math chip so the software could even run on our old 286 computer). I remember how excited I felt just orbiting around a 3D cube, thinking about the creative possibilities that could follow.

I’ve been working with CG related stuff for over 20 years, doing 3D graphics and post-production in almost every possible field (gaming industry, broadcast TV, commercials and more). It’s all been (and still is) a fun and super rewarding ride.

Now, in this new and exciting venture, I’m still doing what I love the most: games and computer graphics; and to do it all with my best friends (more than 20 years now!) is just a huge bonus if you ask me.


Alon Shama

Game designer / level designer

Ever since I was young I was fascinated with animation – a world created in ones imagination that has no limitations – it started with hand drawn ones on the corners of thick math books in school, and it continued with using computer software like Animator.

Playing video games was another major part of my leisure time. Started with PC games that run on XT with titles like Space Ace, which I will always remember, and moved on to consoles like the original Nintendo, Sega and of course GameBoy – which was always glued to my hands.

In late 90’s, while studying in university, I established with a partner a small company that developed interactive software for children – Sicamtec. That’s where and when I started making games.

Developing Video games was always on the plate for Niv, Sagi and myself. We knew we will do it one day – we just didn’t know when exactly it will happen. It’s a dream come true – especially since we can do it our way.


Daniel Ridner

Game designer / Programmer

A few years after getting my first computer (playing games non-stop) I discovered something called “demos”, these were very elaborate computer programs created by enthusiasts pushing computer graphics to the limits.
I immediately knew I had to create demos of my own, and so began a long journey into all aspects of programming and computer graphics.

As time passed I’ve worked in several companies specializing in 3D graphics, eventually joining Microsoft Game Studios (Microsoft Studios) and relocating abroad to join a new MGS development studio as graphics and optimizations lead.

During my time at Microsoft I’ve had the pleasure to work on plenty of high-profile XBOX games, working closely with development studios around the world to make sure we release great looking games that take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

After years abroad working on large scale games, developing games in a small talented team feels great.