The Splatters are heading over to PC

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It’s official!

The Splatters will be getting onto PC and will debut on Steam. We’re also planning on going completely cross-platform and support both Mac and Linux with DRM free versions (Mac version will be available on Steam as well).

Link to HD version on Youtube

It’s not just a port

After we’ve given this a lot of thought we decided against simply porting the game over to PC, even at the cost of delaying the PC launch. As much as we love the XBLA version of the game, we also learned so much from it. It wasn’t an easy decision to take as it has financial implications.

But knowing what we now know, the urge to change things around and try to improve the experience is stronger than anything. Besides, it’ll make our work a lot more interesting (straight up ports tend to get boring and technical). Big game development groups can do simultaneous launch on several platforms, we cannot. So our edge here is we can keep improving our craft as we go from one platform to another if we choose to. And in this case, we definitely want to do that.

Unfortunately at this point in time we wouldn’t even want to speculate on a release date since design changes are very tricky to give time estimates to. Rest assured it won’t be that long and we’re pretty confident the result will more than make up for the delay. Stay updated by following us on Facebook or Twitter, or right here on our site – new announcements will be made soon enough.

The SpikySnail Team


  • Noam

    Happy to hear! Good luck guys!

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  • Mateusz Stachowski

    Thank you for making it truly crossplatform with addition of Linux to the two more supported by the game developers systems.

    • sagikoren

      You’re very welcome.