Super Splatters – Playable @ PAX East

Posted by on March 13, 2013 | 1 comment

Okay, that’s been too long since we posted anything up here. As you recall, we’ve been working on our suped-up version of “The Splatters” for PC. It’s really coming along very well and we even decided to name it “Super Splatters” because it’s just what it is! Also, it wouldn’t be fair to keep the same name with all the changes that we’ve done. The core physics based addiction is still all in there, with its sandboxy acrobatic stunts system, but with a completely overhauled progression, much more variation and more finely tuned gameplay. There’s also a bunch of added features and a deeper look into the world behind those fame hungry Splatters. So … as you guess from the title, we’re going to have a work-in-progress build of “Super Splatters” playable at PAX East. We’ll be at booth #680 which is part of the amazing, bigger-than-ever Indie MEGABOOTH.



If you are lucky enough to attend PAX East, drop by to say hi to me or Sagi and play Super Splatters – we’d love to hear what you think. We’ll still have time to make final tweaks before it releases. We still don’t have a date to give out simply because we decided to stop thinking about ‘release dates’ and focus on ‘it feels ready’ kind of metric for that. Right now it ‘feels’ pretty close to done, but there’s still more to do plus we gotta make sure we properly test it. Stay tuned for yet another announcement right before we get on that plane to Boston. Niv

  • RatJar Games

    Looks really great guys, looking forward to playing this.