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Super Sp


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    All earning from the soundtrack go directly to our composer (Egozot) – Show him some love!

* Mac users: Due to a known bug in Intel drivers, OSX 10.8.4+ is required to play on Intel cards.

* Soundtrack is available in the following formats: WAV / FLAC / MP3.


Option 2 – Buy Super Splatters on Steam.


The Dolphin Stage


What is Super Splatters?

Get ready for the incredibly challenging and addictive Super Splatters!


In Super Splatters you’ll be throwing a band of semi-suicidal Splatters across the stage, blowing them up in an attempt to ignite a series of explosions. But unlike other flinging games, shooting here is really just your opening move.

Perform crazy stunts, boost your speed on slides, invent your own moves, redirect your shots, or even merge several blobs together – all in an attempt to reach the most spectacular finale that will amaze your in-game fans!

With elastic suicidal blobs and extraordinary liquid physics that actually affect the way you play, Super Splatters delivers fresh gameplay, ripe with tons of tricks to explore. Play it causally or get into the combo-hungry-fast-paced-action-packed-arcade-mayhem – it’s really up to you!

Key Features:

Cheerful suicidal Splatters – in colors!!!

Discover an arsenal of mind boggling stunts.

Painfully challenging and positively addictive.

Combo system that rewards recklessness.

Crude humor.

Batteries included!!


The game that puts the word Fun in Super Splatters (what?)

Rock Paper Shotgun –  “Peggle’s stickiness allied to World of Goo’s charm.”

GameZebo –  “Everything Super Splatters throws at you encourages an enthusiastic “More, please!” 4.5/5”

IGM – “Fun and challenging levels, competitive, addictive gameplay…
Super Splatters never lose sight of what games are for – playing! 8.5/10”

Snackbar-games – “After all the levels are done you’ll keep coming back for just one more run to move up on the leaderboard. 5/5”

Gaming Nexus – “Super Splatters is a puzzler you just can’t put down. 8/10”

DividerThe Bucket Stage


Buy our awesome soundtrack!

Link to HD version on Youtube

Dubbed “infectious” and “addictive” by gaming critics the world over, this bouncy soundtrack is just as fun to listen to in your car as it is while you’re hurling the splatters into their inevitably gooey deaths. It includes music from the original hit XBLA game “The Splatters” as well as fresh new tracks from “Super Splatters”.

When you buy Super Splatters soundtrack,
all earnings go to Egozot who composed the tracks.

Support his endless talent now!


Two Big Bowls Stage


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The Swan Stage

Turtle Bunny Stage

Floating Islands Stage
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